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Chicken leg
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Chicken leg

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Wholesale: 600 KZT from 100 kg.
Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan

The shin is a lower part of a chicken leg which equally well suits for frying, suppression and preparation of soups. And still chicken leg can be stuffed and baked together with vegetables in an oven.

Chicken leg boiled without skin - a dietary meat product. Thanks to the useful properties and unique tastes, chicken meat is recommended to the use to people of any age including sick diabetes, and also to the patients (calorizator) who are in the postoperative period. Chicken meat is ideal for those who keep to a diet.

Caloric content of chicken leg boiled without skin

Caloric content of chicken leg boiled without skin makes 158 kcal on 100 grams of a product.

Structure of chicken leg boiled without skin

Useful properties of boiled chicken leg without thin skin are caused by rich vitamin and mineral structure of a product where B3, B6, A, D, E, K vitamins and mineral substances - phosphorus, selenium, zinc, etc. enter.

Useful properties of chicken leg boiled without skin

Regular consumption of chicken leg boiled without skin not only helps to keep weight, but also contributes to normalization of digestion and work of nervous system.

Chicken leg boiled without skin in cookery

All parts of a bird are eaten. The special place among culinary specialists was received by chicken legs. This part of chicken is used in preparation of the first and second courses, salads and snack, baked and fried, extinguished. On shelves of domestic shops it is possible to buy chicken legs in the frozen or cooled look. Rather low cost of a product is attractive to the consumer (kalorizator). Without thin skin, chicken leg contains the minimum quantity of calories in a boiled look, practically does not contain fat which is removed together with a thin skin.

Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Part of carcass:Shin
Information is up-to-date: 12.02.2018

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